About Us

As two college graduates with accounting and economics degrees, we never could stick to the "corporate" life. Immediately, upon entering the post university world, we realized we had more to offer than punching numbers. We knew it would be something weird too.

We have always considered ourselves a little 'odd' by nature and it was reconfirmed when we moved to Austin, TX. The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" was definitely coined for a reason. Living in this entrepreneurial environment spurred us to finally share our version of weird with the world.

In this city, we have witnessed- more times that we can count- someone wearing a ridiculously ugly sweater with the highest confidence in the room. We couldn't help but admire them.

We want to transfer this feeling to you! We've scoured the web and have found the funniest and most ridiculous sweaters for our fellow nerds out there.

Take a gander and let us know what you think!