About UglySweaters.com

UglySweaters.com features only the top hand selected sweater items from consignment and thrift stores.  Want to pop tags this holiday season?  We'll save you the time and energy required to find a real stunner. 

  • Why do we only have 100 or so items?  Because they are the best of the best!  We don't buy and sell these items in bulk, we sort them out by hand based on quality and sex appeal for a better shopping experience.
  • Do you offer this one sweater that I saw this one time at this one place?  Nope.  We get what we get and sell what we have.  Very rarely to we find multiples of the same sweater.
  • Where you are located?   We don't have a storefront for you to checkout, unfortunately.  We ship our items out of a fulfillment center in Las Vegas, and they don't take kindly to visitors.
  • How long you have been in business?  We've been slanging the ugly threads since 2009!  You may recognize our sister site www.BuyUglySweaters.com which was one of the first online sweater stores on the web.  
  • Why? Just....WHY?  We don't really make much money with this.  It's just FUN, like playing penny slot machines.
  • Who are you?  My name is Daniel Redman, and my dear sweet mother Sandy Redman does most of the work.
  • Can I contact you for press opportunities?  Yeah, of course.  Email us at Buyuglysweaters@gmail.com.  Thanks for thinking of us!