Featured Moosehead Sweaters

For 145 years Moosehead has brewed beer.   Fashionable holiday sweaters have been a requirement for only 45 years.  We have some catching up to do, needless to say.   As one good thing inspires another, we think that your parties this holiday season could be taken to another level with our special collection of Moosehead inspired and branded sweater gear.  This is history in the making!

A 10% donation from all sweaters sold out of this collection will be made to our friends at Salvation Army for all of their great work and being the original source of great-gently used holiday gear.  


If you are a next level human:

Send your sweater to our fulfillment center in Las Vegas, NV and get a FREE sweater compliments of Moosehead! 

Step 1: Locate your last-years edition of Ugly Sweater

Step 2: Mail it to us using the following address.:

Ugly Sweaters c/o Sandy Redman

3045 Candle Lake, CT

Henderson, NV


Step 3: Get a new sweater sent to you for FREE (in the same size as what you send us) 

Step 4:  Find a party, forcrynatlowd!



Very limited quantities.  Bound to sell out!  

These will likely go QUICK!  We'll keep refreshing these sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts as needed.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection