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I was watching the movie,  'Enter the Dragon' last night. CLASSIC!  I only meant to watch the first half, leading up to Hahn's Tournament, but that movie has a unique way of sucking me in that I can't really explain.  If Bruce Lee isn't in the top 3 most baddassest person to have ever been in the movies, then I'll be damned.   As I watched Lee mercilessly kick dudes in the face, I couldn't help but notice that he preferred the shirtless look.  I mean, I understand the freedom involved with sloughing off a turtleneck to get a more...

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The world is a weird and crazy place.  You try to do some good and bring a fun product to the world and Chinese hackers ruin it all.  for the third time in 3 years buyuglysweaters.com got attacked, this time wiping out our database of products and content.  I'm not sure what threat ugly sweaters posed to the red army, but apparently it was significant enough to destroy us over.   Should we be mad at the Chinese?  Nah, it's just a few bad apples, no reason to generalize or stereotype..   We're starting over using this Shopify platform in...

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It's go time.     You've waiting long enough and endured terrible websites and service long enough.  We are the sister site and confidant of buyuglysweaters.com.  You may remember us from such hits as 'Ugly Sweater #1'  and 'Ugly Sweater with Reindeer'.  Anyhow, this site is a bit different in that we will only present the nicest options for sweatering that our collection holds.  This is the treasure trove, secret trunk, or narnia of all things ugly.     We will only have 25 sweaters up at any given time, putting new ones live only as they sell.  GET 'EM...

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