Ugly Sweater BOGO Sale

Posted by Daniel Redman on

This is going to sound a bit forward, but I want to be ON you.  

So much so, that I'm willing to give you a sweater with every purchase of a sweater.  Is this Wacky Jerry's Furniture Depot and Sandwich Shop?  No it's the same old Ugly Sweater store that you've been window shopping for the last 10 years.  

Now it's time, good patron, take up arms and take up fingers and type away at your keyboard until you own not one, but nay, TWO remarkable pieces of body art.  

Here's how the deal works:

Step 1:  Add a thing to your cart that you are pumped about

Step 2:  Head to our 'Handmade Sweater' collection and pick a vintage item for your homey, homegirl, significant orphan, significant other, court disciples, etc.  

Step 3: Go to checkout and the magic will happen where one sweater will become 100% free.  It's not theft if it happens on the Internet.  

You've been a great person for as long as I can remember.  Go do the right thing, Muchacho!


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