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Experimentation... It got me through college and continues to fuel inspiration. This delightful get-up is the pigs spittoon!  The answer to your current unfiltered questions are 'YES'.   YES, that is a dramatic dual-Jackalope ensemble attached to a Ski Sweater.   YES, it is adorned with fancy Christmas lights.  We are definitely about that life.   YES, our model is dabbin' so hard and will win his Ugly Sweater Contest without much controversy.   Stay tuned for a follow up interview of the Sweater Models experience wearing a light-up Jackalope on his belly.  

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Design The first step is to design what you want your garment to look like. Your design should include a template of a basic human figure. The clothes can be drawn to fit on top, then the lines can be erased, but if you are good at drawing then the clothes can be included in the actual drawing.  Most good artists don't do holiday sweaters.  That task is designated for the retired or just tired designers.  Many designers make side notes on their sketch as to what fabric, texture, and additional details they want on their garment. These are called specs....

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