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'How big is your Santa?' she asked seductively. Clark had been courting Samantha on Tinder for nearly 8 minutes when he finally built up the nerve to escalate the conversation from text to voice.  'Are you sure you can handle my Santa?' he volleyed into Samantha's court. She truly had never had even seen a Santa that large, but she was in too deep now and she couldn't let her Kik friends down that she had bragged about her exploits to with past Tinder guys. It was so on.  Really on, IRL.  Clark gave a few more spritzes of his...

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Summer is over.   People don't care about it as much as they used to.  Blah blah blah yacht party.  Ok, fine, that sounds like fun.   The truth of the matter is that your outfitting is severely limited when you get after the Summer.  Shorts, shirts, biking shorts, kini, etc.  That's it.  It's a limited thread count, bruh.  When fall hits, it's a new dawn.  Thanksgiving is great for turkey, it's even greater for the J. Crew catalog.  Feel me? What I'm trying to say is that we launched a new look to the Old Sweater Shop.  We're ready....

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