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Clark stepped out of his automobile and delicately placed his Warby Parkers in the palm of his hand alongside a glass wipe.   "It's been a while, since the incident...Kevin." said a calm and collected Clark. He knew that Kevin would dread this very moment, and he chewed it up like a butt in yoga pants. "Kev...I didn't, seriously."  Kevin was lacking rational thought and couldn't express his sorrow for the milking incident of 2014.  Milk was spilled and it will never be unspilled, in the eyes of Clark.   Glasses tucked safely away, it was going to be...

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"I can't...without you." Kevin read off of a piece of paper and then crumpled it up and tossed it onto Samantha's parents' lawn.   She though he was alright, but he had only been in the neighborhood for a few years and hadn't developed any reasonable credibility with her social circles.  Not to mention, there were damaging rumors that he grew up in the Bay Area.     "Your sweater is hella savage!" He chimed in through the awkward silence.   Samantha responded, "You cant be here, Kevin.  Clark is on his way and you remember the last time you...

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Samantha had been grooming herself from head to toe...meticulously, in advance of her long awaited meetup with Clark.  Her Netflix account was on point with a number of male-friendly RomComs in her playlist.  None of them had a Rotten Tomatoes score of less than 45%.  Perfect for some &Chill time.   At 9:05PM, there was a sharp knock at the door.  HE WAS EARLY!  She quickly put on her favorite yoga pants and grabbed whatever she could from Grandma-ma's closet as she raced to the front door.  She could see his silhouette through the decorative door window.  It excited her...

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'How big is your Santa?' she asked seductively. Clark had been courting Samantha on Tinder for nearly 8 minutes when he finally built up the nerve to escalate the conversation from text to voice.  'Are you sure you can handle my Santa?' he volleyed into Samantha's court. She truly had never had even seen a Santa that large, but she was in too deep now and she couldn't let her Kik friends down that she had bragged about her exploits to with past Tinder guys. It was so on.  Really on, IRL.  Clark gave a few more spritzes of his...

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Summer is over.   People don't care about it as much as they used to.  Blah blah blah yacht party.  Ok, fine, that sounds like fun.   The truth of the matter is that your outfitting is severely limited when you get after the Summer.  Shorts, shirts, biking shorts, kini, etc.  That's it.  It's a limited thread count, bruh.  When fall hits, it's a new dawn.  Thanksgiving is great for turkey, it's even greater for the J. Crew catalog.  Feel me? What I'm trying to say is that we launched a new look to the Old Sweater Shop.  We're ready....

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