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Clark stepped out of his automobile and delicately placed his Warby Parkers in the palm of his hand alongside a glass wipe.   "It's been a while, since the incident...Kevin." said a calm and collected Clark. He knew that Kevin would dread this very moment, and he chewed it up like a butt in yoga pants. "Kev...I didn't, seriously."  Kevin was lacking rational thought and couldn't express his sorrow for the milking incident of 2014.  Milk was spilled and it will never be unspilled, in the eyes of Clark.   Glasses tucked safely away, it was going to be...

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As a small and demanding business, we are constantly pushing the envelope of possibility.  We dream big, but also, we want to make sure that we are here for a while.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  Running a business with enough of a following to keep you a float is a challenge in most places not named Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Here's what our ideas are for this season, and you can tell us if they suck or not.   1) You're going to see a lot more homemade/handmade sweater items.  They will be unique to us and...

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Design The first step is to design what you want your garment to look like. Your design should include a template of a basic human figure. The clothes can be drawn to fit on top, then the lines can be erased, but if you are good at drawing then the clothes can be included in the actual drawing.  Most good artists don't do holiday sweaters.  That task is designated for the retired or just tired designers.  Many designers make side notes on their sketch as to what fabric, texture, and additional details they want on their garment. These are called specs....

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Out of the clear blue sky we decided to do an impromptu sweater modeling session.  We selected Mr. MusclesBeard as he has recently been voted #20 'most humpable guy' on The Chive, also #30 'overall most delightful male face' on  With all of his collected accolades, we were lucky to get him.  The goal of the shoot was to show that Womens Ugly Sweaters can easily accommodate a young male.    He was created as a gift for the camera, as you can see. Mr. MusclesBeard attributes his success in modeling to his childhood idol, Gargamel  Check out more...

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