My Ugly Sweater - Episode 4

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Clark stepped out of his automobile and delicately placed his Warby Parkers in the palm of his hand alongside a glass wipe.  

"It's been a while, since the incident...Kevin." said a calm and collected Clark. He knew that Kevin would dread this very moment, and he chewed it up like a butt in yoga pants.

"Kev...I didn't, seriously."  Kevin was lacking rational thought and couldn't express his sorrow for the milking incident of 2014.  Milk was spilled and it will never be unspilled, in the eyes of Clark.  

Glasses tucked safely away, it was going to be ON.  Clark was making his way to Kevin at Samantha's front door when screeching tires halted all parties in their tracks.

Carmen had been desperately trying to win Kevin back, now she was making her final plea. She stormed out of her car, crying, in one of Kevin's favorite holiday sweaters.  His Nam-Nams knitted it for him and he cherishes it so so deeply.  

"I PROMISE YOU, Kevin.  I will do whatever you want me to..." She exclaimed in dramatic fashion.  But Kevin wanted only one thing...

Check out Carmen in Kevin's Sweater!

favorite holiday sweater


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