My Ugly Sweater - Episode 2

Posted by Daniel Redman on

Samantha had been grooming herself from head to toe...meticulously, in advance of her long awaited meetup with Clark.  Her Netflix account was on point with a number of male-friendly RomComs in her playlist.  None of them had a Rotten Tomatoes score of less than 45%.  Perfect for some &Chill time.  

At 9:05PM, there was a sharp knock at the door.  HE WAS EARLY!  She quickly put on her favorite yoga pants and grabbed whatever she could from Grandma-ma's closet as she raced to the front door.  She could see his silhouette through the decorative door window.  It excited her and made her face turn beet red.

Samantha slowly opened the door, and revealed that it wasn't Clark at all.  It was Kevin, her 'Cool for the Summer' from 2014 and he was holding a letter...

Checkout what Samantha pulled from Grandma-ma's closet HERE


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