What in the Sweater are we doing here?!?

Posted by Daniel Redman on

The world is a weird and crazy place.  You try to do some good and bring a fun product to the world and Chinese hackers ruin it all.  for the third time in 3 years buyuglysweaters.com got attacked, this time wiping out our database of products and content.  I'm not sure what threat ugly sweaters posed to the red army, but apparently it was significant enough to destroy us over.  

Should we be mad at the Chinese?  Nah, it's just a few bad apples, no reason to generalize or stereotype..  

We're starting over using this Shopify platform in order to feel the warm embrace of greater security and easier management capabilities.  But, we are starting to market now from virtually a clean slate.  If you are reading this, than you can be our advocate. Help us crawl from the Chinese internet torture chamber and reclaim our long standing ugly throne.  

Thanks in advance for lending us an ear.



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