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As a small and demanding business, we are constantly pushing the envelope of possibility.  We dream big, but also, we want to make sure that we are here for a while.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  Running a business with enough of a following to keep you a float is a challenge in most places not named Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Here's what our ideas are for this season, and you can tell us if they suck or not.  

1) You're going to see a lot more homemade/handmade sweater items.  They will be unique to us and have a tendency to be as ugly as our imagination will take us.  

2) More T-shirts.  We're super inspired about shirts.  They are fun to make and the responses we've gotten on them are GREAT!  

We have a few tricks up our sleeve from a promotional standpoint, but in order to respect your time, I will leave you with these two bomb drops.  

Here are a few of the FAVE shirts that we've cranked out:


Holiday Christmas SweaterUgly Sweater ChristmasUgly Holiday Sweater

Check out the full collection HERE!




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