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Ugly Sweater Model - Mr. MusclesBeard

Out of the clear blue sky we decided to do an impromptu sweater modeling session.  We selected Mr. MusclesBeard as he has recently been voted #20 'most humpable guy' on The Chive, also #30 'overall most delightful male face' on  With all of his collected accolades, we were lucky to get him.  The goal of the shoot was to show that Womens Ugly Sweaters can easily accommodate a young male.   

He was created as a gift for the camera, as you can see.

Mr. MusclesBeard attributes his success in modeling to his childhood idol, Gargamel 

Check out more of Mr. MusclesBeard HERE


Also, if you have a question for Mr. MusclesBeard, please post below and he will respond shortly.


  • tara

    Is he available for bachorlette parties?

  • Ugly Sweaters

    Mr. MusclesBeard, of course.

  • Brad

    Who is really going to be answering these questions?

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