Ugly Christmas Sweater Requests

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People really take advantage of the search box on, which is great.  It means that people have a sweater in mind that they are looking for and will stop at nothing to get it.  

Let us do some of the dirty work for you.  If there is a sweater in particular that you are looking for, drop us a line and we will give special priority to finding it.  No guarantees of course because sometimes we're robbing homeless people to find the true gems, and we can only leave so many of them shivering in the cold.  Thank goodness they are without Internet...

Anyhow, enough senseless ranting.  If you want a sweater, send me an email at  Hell, if you just want to send me a joke or naked picture of John Goodman, feel free.  


Here are some of the 'Holy Grail' items that we're currently looking for:


1. Light up sweaters-  These beauties are few and far between unless we make them in house.  I believe we've found and sold less then 5 in 4 years.

2. Bells hanging off-  We typically get a few of these per year, usually they take shape as a cardigan.  VERY popular item.

3. Santa engaging in lewd behavior with Ms. Claus- This is the Sasquatch of the sweater world.  If you have seen one, let me know.

4. Hanukkah Sweaters-  Very few in circulation.  They definitely exist, but are in low quantity as a used item.  A few startup companies are now making these new.  You'll have to use le Goog to find them, but they are a bit pricey.

5. Black Santa-  Never seen one.  It may exist somewhere, and I'd love to get my hands on it.  


Any others I missed?  Help me help you, folks!



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  • looking for an ugly hanukkah sweater

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