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What Sweaters Would Bruce Lee Wear

I was watching the movie,  'Enter the Dragon' last night. CLASSIC!  I only meant to watch the first half, leading up to Hahn's Tournament, but that movie has a unique way of sucking me in that I can't really explain.  If Bruce Lee isn't in the top 3 most baddassest person to have ever been in the movies, then I'll be damned.  

As I watched Lee mercilessly kick dudes in the face, I couldn't help but notice that he preferred the shirtless look.  I mean, I understand the freedom involved with sloughing off a turtleneck to get a more free arm movement, but let's be honest, it's nothing but an ego play.   The ladies wanted to see what's doin' under there.   Men, we want Bruce to be more of a James Bond character.  To be successful in adventurous endeavors, but also to look sharply dressed while doing so.  Most of us will never have ripped abs, but the everyday man can still emulate what's on the outside.  

If UglySweaters were to supply wardrobe for Master Bruce, what would we have to offer?  

I looked long and hard and came up with two solutions that would be suitable for the lions-share of ass kicking.  


The obvious choice was the deep V-neck Christmas sweater vest.  It allows the most arm radius and pectoral flexing with a grandiose display of holiday cheer.


But, wait just a second...  I have reason to believe that any sweater could be adaptable in the field of battle.  The above is a long sleeve wool sweater with the sleeves ripped off as it might have look after the easy fight with Oharra.   There's nothing more punishing than getting your face beat in by a thin guy like Bruce, only to look up and see the sheepish grin of Snoopy.  Not to mention, the thick wool would pose as a nice buffer between the stupid bear claws of Hahn, and the fragile skin of Bruce.  Call it holiday armor, if you will.




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